Opinion: Jeff Flake’s Legacy ” Say One Thing, But Do Another”

Opinion –

He has all the makings of being a real tough guy in front of media, on twitter and to many of his constituents.
But in person along side his party he cracks like an egg, some will even say a master at flip flopping.

A few examples:

24 hours before Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court, Sen. Jeff Flake said that he would block Trump judicial nominations over tariffs.

And Now:
Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona said he would not try to block Trump’s nominee to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, who on Wednesday announced his retirement from the high court, in exchange for a vote on curtailing Trump’s tariff powers.

Trump: Jeff Flake Will Vote No on Tax Bill ‘Because His Political Career Anyway Is ‘Toast’’

And then:
Sen. Jeff Flake Defends His ‘Yes’ Vote on the Republican Tax Bill

Heres what one just said –

Stay tuned for many more examples…


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