Opinion: The FBI, Russians and WikiLeaks Ruined Any Chance For A Fair Election Process.

To be clear ” I don’t give a hoots, as to whom should have won the election, as so long as it was fair and square”.

The FBI, Russians and WikiLeaks ruined any chance for a fair election process.

Instead of just investigating the Russians involvement in our most recent election process(to include prior ones as well) a special committee should also investigate the FBI including,… Rudy Giuliani (FBI director James Comey’s former boss) and Donald Trump surrogate. Including Donald Trump and his campaign.

It’s sad I have to form my article as an opinion, but with so many untrustworthiness out there,… It’s what I have to do.

First off as per many people I have spoken with,…

What FBI Director James Comey did, did not just taint the 2016 election process, but may have endangered an entire Nation, and here’s just one reason as to why –

  • People whom had trusting doubts before and or who now feel they can’t trust the FBI won’t report things that may be serious.
  • Comey’s action were no less than taking a dump in a toilet, then leaving his mess behind without flushing the toilet in my opinion, and it will take years maybe even generations for a many people to even attempt to believe and or trust the FBI ever again.

This is what many people are saying.

The most amazing part of this whole Russian hacking issue is…

Why was that Comey and or anyone within the FBI not even mention Russia’s involvement of any past, at the present and or current hackings?

The FBI had the strength to go against ONE Female “A Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton,” yet appeared weak when being confronted about Either Putin and or the Hackers.

The key word is “WEAK” and many people are saying,… That’s what the FBI is, under Comey’s direction.

Since Comey’s letter, Comey has made no appearance as per press conference as for any explanations as to why he released his letter, a letter signed by him, 11 days out before the 2016 election, in what many people that I spoke with believe it was just as the same as the trickle down effects that WikiLeaks was doing at the time when the reclusive website was releasing stolen emails.

Folks I’m not making this up, but ask yourself, as to why the FBI cant even muster up a press conference regarding single statement about the Russian hackings?

Should everything come out at a later time with more proof that the Russians were involved in which according to many sources the Russians were to even include Putin, this could prove to be a major blow in the public views and trust that the FBI is already struggling to earn.

Final thought:

Put it all to together WikiLeaks, Russian Hacking, Comey’s Letter = Aiding and Abetting.

Trump won the election, with the appearance of favoritism by the 3 mentioned above.


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