Opinion: When Trump Lies Its Not As Serious As Shaun King’s Tweet?

So some internet trollers are accusing Shaun King as lying in a tweet so what!

Prove it!

In fact I challenge for anyone to show that there has never been an incident where either a dash cam was not obscured from view, pointed in a direction whereas it was not able to capture an incident and or turned off!

There are so many people trolling King’s tweets criticizing him for almost every little thing he says, and yet many of us whom follow King don’t care, that’s right.. as for me, I damn sure don’t care.

So what if King allegedly falsely tweeted something! Trump, Police and many other people are accused of it TOO!

So if you can’t criticize them in the same manner, then you might either be a bigot and or biased!

Donald Trump a Presidential candidate denied saying this at the First Debate!

Lets discuss this now.


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