Politico Joins The Bandwagon As Russians and WikiLeaks..

Opinion –

Politico Joins The Bandwagon As Russians and WikiLeaks Continue To Distribute Stolen Material.

At a time when many struggling media outlets are starving for views Politico maybe no different as to an accessory after the fact, than the Criminal organizations stealing personal information in order to gain attention.

It’s called aiding and or abetting or some may even go as far as to say receiving and or possession of stolen property.

In a recent post by Politico it exploited stolen documents titled ” Clinton oppo files portrayed Sanders as a failed lawmaker

So what’s next?

The Publishing of NSA material that was stolen?

Theft is Theft, stolen is stolen and when News Organizations start to promote thieves in order to get a story,.. It may be the reason why media has hit an all time low in trust worthiness ratings.
I say this because I truly believe that the promoting of criminal enterprises should be considered as an accessory.

To publish stolen material on a site knowingly, represents a form of possession of stolen property.

Wake up American it’s not journalism being supported but the exploitation of criminal enterprises.

Final Thought –

If someone where to steal ones mail from a mailbox and then posted that information on the internet, would you be furious?

And would you hold those promoting your personal and private mail accountable?

That is a question that should be discussed..

There must be a law that prevents not only media from promoting criminal enterprises but when knowingly and willingly publishes material that is stolen and or without the written consent from the owner.

Its not about silencing the media, it’s about aiding and abetting criminals….

There’s an ole saying ” There’s No Honor Amongst Thieves ”

It should also extend as a branch to those whom distribute stolen materials.

What do you think?


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