Prenup Vs. Love?

Great Question Julie..

I Hope by responding to your letter helps out, though I am not an expert I can only state my opinions on the matters that you are requesting…
My thoughts are as follows:
There are two kinds of marriages

  1. A Traditional marriage
  2. A Business marriage

A Traditional Marriage

A traditional marriage, one where it is essentially a no holds bar filled with trust, love, affection, emotion, sacrifice, loyalty, commitment, honesty, compassion, feelings, good times when up, bad times when down and all the wonderful things that we dream of now and when we were adult teens growing up. Where it doesn’t matter what’s yours and what’s mine as long as there’s happiness surrounding the husband and wife, family, etc… after all when that exists, that is the true meaning of a traditional marriage.

A Business Marriage

A Business marriage, one where the other has the advantage and or the upper hand. If neither one minds then its ok! either way someone will somehow end up being the others pet.
But like most owners, they take care of their pets. If you don’t mind signing a contract and want to be wined and dined or taken cared of and live a lavish style then it’s cool, though there are many other nick names and or words that are used for what most say being called a “servant”… the bottom line is, in the end should your services start to slow down in keeping your spouse happy, chances are you will be out the door and all the months, years or what ever that you spent doing your “duties” would have all gone to waste. One usually leaves the relationship with what they started with,.. which was????
My Bottom line:
A true marriage and or Relationship should be treated such as…
If there is love then let it be love, if there is a hint of insecurity or greed then let there be a contract, that should be the only answer you need.
Either way there are many people who will accept one or the other and or both, but once accepted there should be no complaints, and or fusses about it anymore! just deal with what YOU chose to do, and not blame the other…
In my next chapter I will Speak On Divorces..and Fly By Night Weddings Where one lies , cheats and etc…I never really considered those as marriages…


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