Question: Did Keith Lamont Scott Have A Gun In Hand Or Not?

There are many questions in my opinion that are just not being asked by the media.

My first and very most important question is:

  • Is it possible that the gun in question was holstered at the time Scott was killed?

Here are a couple of captured screenshot images of what appears to show a somewhat object leaning to the right, which could be equivalent to weight distribution.

Credit: Screenshot/Youtube
Credit: Screenshot/Youtube
Credit: Screenshot/Youtube
Credit: Screenshot/Youtube

My second question is:

  • The one narrative I’ve heard thus far is.. ” it could not determined in the video as to whether or not Scott had a gun in his hand?
  • So,.. has anyone made a statement that there was?

Regarding the blood splatter in or on the holster:

It appeared that Officers at the scene were in the process of cuffing Mr. Scott after he suffered the gun shot wound(s), is it possible that blood could have traveled from an officer to the holster while possibly removing the gun in question after the shooting?

There appears  to a line drip of blood on the holster which raises another question, would it be consistent from a run off of either an object and or latex glove?

(Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department)
(Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department)

Does the blood inside the strap part say that a weapon was dragged out and or pulled out after the shooting?

How hard is it for blood to travel inside a strap?

Regarding DNA and Fingerprints:

Are those considered as normal symptoms that are usually found on a person(s) belonging(s)?

Does it prove that at the times Mr. Scott was shot and killed was holding the gun in question?

(Warning Video Maybe Disturbing to some viewers)

Though I’m not an expert and I am only voicing my opinions, I truly believe these questions should be asked, and or reviewed by a Federal agency.


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