Rancher Killed In Police Encounter! Sparks Protest

Supporters of the Jack Yantis family march in Protest.

In an all to familiar story of a “police encounter” across the nation, once again a life is taken.

Jack Yantis, 62, died in front of his Adams County ranch on Nov. 1, after a encounter with police.

The peaceful march began from the Council Elementary School to the Adams County Courthouse.

In the video:

Very powerful statement ” We do not believe the sheriff’s office is telling the truth “.

My opinion:

That statement along with many others similar across the country is very foretelling.

It is how many citizens across the country feel when police are allowed to investigate themselves and or fellow officers.

My Final thought..

I ask, Is it to much to ask for in doing the right thing?
Many citizens across the country seek for fair and transparent investigations including the accountability on those whom don’t follow protocol, procedure and or break the law.

In other (un-related) cases across the nation..

Many police depts. have heard the voices from it’s citizens and are becoming a lil more transparent, some are even asking the assistance of the FBI and or DOJ to investigate along with them and or all together.

stay tuned as I will try to update this story.


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