Republican Gov. Blames Blacks And Latino’s For…

Paul Richard LePage is a Republican Party politician who has served as the 74th Governor of Maine since 2011. LePage grew up on the streets of Lewiston after leaving a poor home environment at the age of 11. Wikipedia
Many are now questioning, If Blacks and Latino’s are being targeted by law enforcement under LePage’s direction and are now beginning to demand to not only see the ledger LePage claims to have in his possession, but may seek for the DOJ to investigate practices with in the law enforcement of Maine.
The numbers are too staggering, at a rate of 90% or more Blacks and Latino’s being arrested and less than 10% whites facing charges according to LePage.
The question remains as to whether Blacks and Latino’s are pulled over and or profiled more than whites as a priority?
The answer may lay within the Police records, but it doesn’t stop there we also have to look at the sentencings as well, to see as to whether Blacks and Latino’s receive harsher sentences than Whites.
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