Sacramento: Police Officers Actions Should Represent Entire Police Force

As reported by the Sacramento Bee –

Two Sacramento police officers attempted to run over a mentally ill homeless man with their car less than 35 seconds before they shot and killed him, according to recordings released by police this month. One of the officers says “f— this guy” in the

Opinion –

This shooting reminded me of the Laquan McDonald shooting, and Sacramento’s police dept. may not be to far behind of that of Chicago.

It’s not Policing, but more so entertainment with an audience of fellow officers whom do nothing to stop their fellow officer(s) at the expense of the victim.

The dept. hired them – then trained them, unless each and every officer is trained differently then they represent the force as ONE.

Often times when an officer is found breaking the law, many Police depts. would rather try to distance themselves from that all to famous headline ” A Former Police Officer “.

By then it is to late, a victim has already been created by the very Police system that trained that officer.

We should NEVER allow for any dept. to distance themselves from ones actions, but hold them accountable as a whole, staring with the trainers… Should a pattern of consistency continue.

One should start reviewing the trainers ethics.

According to Daily Mail –

Heinlein said police training does include using vehicles as a weapon.


Final thought –

Again I ask?

Was an alleged knife in his hand at the time of the shooting?

Or removed from his person after the shooting?

The video appeared to show the victim being shot while on the ground if so why the continued shooting?

This isn’t the first time Police officers have been in the spotlight in Sacramento, it’s a recurring pattern for them.


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