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San Antonio: Police Wear Their Make America Great Again Caps

A Video appears to show members of the San Antonio Police Dept. wearing the red ” Make America Great Again ” Caps, this coming after the all to famous video of Donald Trump whom is heard describing how he would grab a female by the p**sy.

Opinion –
It is unclear as to whether or not members of the San Antonio Police Dept. has either condemned and or condoned Donald Trump’s remarks regarding the video below.

I truly believe to promote any candidate while on the job, in uniform is a disgrace not only to the City served but also to the badge honored.

That uniform represents the citizens by officers whom are sworn to protect and serve, and should never be used for political gain and or as a tool that may insinuate that the City and or it’s citizens stand behind the promoting of a presidential candidate.


Final thought:
I’ve always said that ” To condemn the actions of Donald Trumps statements, yet condone the man as a candidate, is no less than one condemning the actions of a crime while still supporting a criminal”.

Meanwhile in other parts of Texas –
Houston police will get special training on handling sexual assault, domestic violence cases..


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