San Diego: Police Cameras Has Some Concerned

A recent debate in San Diego has sparked outrage and concern over the use of police cameras.

According to CBS8.Com it was reported that about 950 cameras are with the San Diego police Dept.

According to a source… at a meeting held several weeks ago on a Thursday night, where Attorney’s, Law Enforcement, ACLU, and many other Citizens whom where present, concerns arose with questions with frustration over why the footage would only be available for court and review boards.

According to one source… it was said that transparency is merely non existent with the San Diego PD, and Sheriffs Dept. that recording police encounters will be a priority in the City especially when Gov. Jerry Brown signed into a bill that ensures the legal right to record police.

Transparency is not so much to ask for, many citizens will continue to record police encounters until it exists fully the source continued to say.


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