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Sheriff David Clarke Invokes Donald Trump To Martin Luther King Jr

“He’s gonna be the best thing that has happened since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr”

Opinion –

To be clear according to our research Dr. Martin Luther King jr has NEVER bragged about sexual assault.

To invoke Dr. Martin Luther King’s name and compare him to Donald Trump, once again shows that it does not take much of an education to become a law enforcement officer, that may be a problem.

Sheriff David Clarke an avid Donald Trump supporter may have just opened a door as to whether or not it should be a requirement for any new hires to pass a history test before becoming a law enforcement officer.

Clarke has voiced his opinion about black lives matter and has often called their movement ” Black Lies Matter ” it’s not the first time he has disrespected his own race.

That may be where the disconnect is between law enforcement and many communities of color.

Dr. Martin Luther King was a civil rights leader a movement for peace and equality.

As a black man myself, I found his remark disrespectful.

Correction: There is NO comparison.


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