Should The Government Provide Citizens With Body Cams?

Should The Government Provide Citizens With Body Cams?

Opinion –

Citizens seem more responsible in capturing a police encounter than a trained officer.

Far to often I hear of incidents involving police encounters whereas a body cam was not turned on.

If Police officers are not responsible and or educated enough to have their dept. issued body camera turned on at the time of an encounter, then we as a public should seek for the government to provide citizens with body cameras.

Millions are being spent on equipment, for officers to where body cameras – yet there are not harsh enough disciplinary actions for those whom do not activate them during their encounter of a citizen.

Is it becoming a pattern for officers not turning on their body cams?

I raise this question because not only is it well known that police officers not activate their body cam, but I also hear of stories whereas the dash cam of a squad car is often times pointed in a direction which does not capture an incident, whether this is done deliberately or not is un-known to me.

There should be some type of Government assistance which allows for a citizen and or citizens living in communities that have a high rate of police traffic and or complaints to apply for a body worn cam.

Just as police depts. do.

I truly believe this would reduce claims of Police brutality across the nation.

Right now Cities are paying millions in settlements regarding their officers, and millions are being spent on body worn cams which is about a 50/50 chance as to whether it will be on or not during an encounter.

Can we really accept a 50/50 chance?

Placing cameras on citizens whom either volunteer and or request for them may be a good thing.


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