Some Men Go To Bed Late Because…


My wife asked me last week why I go to bed so late after she’s gone to bed usually at around 11pm whereas I go to bed at around 2am, though I wanted to answer it then and there I decided not to, I didn’t want to upset her or hurt her feelings, so just to clear my mind of thinking that I was a selfish brat and all, I asked most of all my friends the same question ‘ If they went to bed late and or after their wife’s went to bed, and amazingly so the responses was the exact same as mine, what a huge weight lifted off my shoulders…..
So here’s the Reason I can share with you..
Men go to bed late or after their women because of this one simple reason…
When at home in the evening, Women tend to sit next to their man up until it’s time to go to bed, in the mean time there is no alone time for the man, they usually get stuck watching wedding shows, or house building shows not because they want to, but because they have to ..

Most men know that they can already stay up later than their spouses, through time and patience! they became adaptive to the environment, It is at that moment when the man hears the woman tell him ‘ OK honey I’m going to bed ‘ the sigh of relief comes, with a response from the man ‘ OK honey I’ll be coming to bed shortly too ’ “Yeah Right” !

When the coast is clear, and man can stretch his legs across the couch, and channels can be tuned to News, CNN, and or Action Packed movies this is what keeps them up ( usually about 2 additional hours) then man goes to bed…
After writing this story, I hav’nt spoke to my wife in 3 days, she even went and bought a T.V. for the master bedroom, with a $99 dollar foam pillow..” For herself “ I won’t be staying up late for a while as I have to slowly work my way back into caring for her shows….
Until you hear from me again… Stay tuned….


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