STL: Jeff Roorda’s Comment Sparks Outrage With Protestors

Jeffrey (AKA: Jeff) Roorda Failed To Get What He asked For In The Past, in-fact he was terminated in his position as a Police Officer in his attempts.

In my opinion:

Is this a pot calling the kettle black? Does there seem to be a lot of alleged deception surrounding Roorda.

According to Caselaw.FindLaw Jeffrey Roorda was terminated after an Internal affairs investigation, which says he not only secretly recorded fellow Officers, but alleges he lied as well. No matter what the circumstances the end result was Roorda being terminated.

Yet after all that hog wash he is still in some way affiliated and or connected with Law Enforcement “St. Louis Police Officers Association”, Roorda who is also known for being disruptive at a meeting when he pushed a young black female to the ground, breaking her glasses.

The young female also suffered scratches to her head… source say. Talk about transparency? Or a possible violent rage of protest by Roorda?

Many allege Roorda made a false accusation, when he made a statement according to Washington Times that ‘protestors want cops dead’.

Does he speak for Protestors? Or did he speak falsely on their behalf? or is Roorda speaking for himself?

It’s almost a reminiscence of the past when he was accused of falsifying documents which also played a role in his termination.

According to those we have spoken to, not one has ever felt or said that! so can Jeffrey Roorda prove this?

According to all those we spoke to… the only thing they would like to see is Police Accountability And Fair Transparency, many allege Roorda does not seek nor represent those values especially with his past history.

Police Union Rep Tells Fox That Ferguson… by Megyn-kelly

Stay tuned as we update.


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