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Stockton, Calif: The Arrest Of A 16-Year-Old Sparks Outrage


A video that shows an Officer striking a 16-year-old, has sparked outrage amongst many in the nation.

Why there was so much back-up of additional Officers to be called is bizarre, especially when the situation appeared  non-violent from the kids part, the only striking I saw, was that of the Officer striking the kid in the jaw with a baton whom appeared to be injured afterwards.

According to sources, the Officer’s Body Camera fell off! Are you serious? if an Officer can’t maintain their body camera how can they maintain their job?

Body cameras are going to be more of an issue especially in California I believe.

It seems as if Police maybe trying to fish for excuses regarding their body cameras falling off at the time of their encounter, there should be some accountability, liability and some sort of punishment regarding this issue.


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