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Tarantino Gains Great Support From Many With Applause

Though many Police unions are attempting to boycott Tarantino’s latest film “The Hateful 8” many are supporting Tarantino’s actions by vowing to see the film once if not twice or even more.

This many say is just another example how many Officials can take the actions of one person and twist it into a false narrative.

For the record I NEVER HEARD TARATINO SAY “ALL COPS WERE MURDERS”  did you? so what’s the big deal?

Police unions should be addressing the latest killing in the Jeremy Mardis and or Gilbert Flores and fixing many of the issues that citizens continually attempt to address, rather than worry about a movie.

I personally support Tarantino’s right to freedom of speech, what I don’t support are those whom take a person’s speech and twist it into a false narrative.

Police Accountability should be addressed more often and I applaud Tarantino for stepping up, many more should follow.

This video acknowledges what happened which differs like so often from what police officials allege.


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