Texas: Man Arrested For Allegedly Spraying Black Lives Matter Vandalism On…

Whitney Police Chief Chris Bentley and Dept. receives great praise from many across the nation.

Police in Whitney have arrested Scott Lattin for allegedly vandalizing his own truck.

Lattin, according to Police has already admitted to damaging the inside of his truck cab for insurance purposes.

Whitney, who had painted a message “Police Lives Matter” on the rear window of his truck after the murder of a Harris County deputy, afterwards told police he woke up to find the truck vandalized.

What is truly disturbing is.. Lattin is accused of painting ‘ Black Lives Matter  ‘  and other various disturbing messages on his truck, in what many say was an attempt to smear the Black Lives Matter movement.

Lattin has received some support ( about $6000) on a GoFundMe account including a donation from a man whom could barley afford to donate.

My final thought:

Police did an outstanding job on this matter, Citizens across our great Nation should acknowledge this.


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