Was Donald Trump A Test For The GOP?

For the GOP was Donald Trump a Test?

It is the ultimate question, as to how far America has come since slavery.

A mere reminder of George Wallace many people will say..

And here’s why –

Many people still remember Wallace a three time hopeful for the Presidential bid.

But have questioned if Republican elected officials have really disavowed those views.

While Donald Trump was running for the Presidency he may have been the answer and test for a many of not only in the GOP establishment but also for many elected and un-elected Republicans, drawing the attentions of people like David Duke and so on.

Sure many will say that in the early days of the forming of this country Democrats had some issues of Racism, at a time when Black folks could not vote, but was quickly infiltrated by people of all color and a newly refurbished party had risen forcing out the bad apples.

Did the bad apples move over to the Republican Party? and transform secretly?

That is unknown for sure but many people have opinions about it.

While many Republican elected officials try and stay silent while awaiting for the outcome of this election, America is forever waiting if members of the GOP and or Republican establishment will start unendorsing Donald Trump as his path to victory shrinks.

And if so questions will be asked as to why do so now..


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