When Doing The Right Thing, Makes You Feel Bad

Was I wrong for being right?

I own a store, and lately we have had some items stolen.

I asked the employees to keep an eye out a little bit more to help prevent the thefts, should they see it in action only to report it to me.

Weeks passed by and the thefts continued.

So one night after closing I had camera’s secretly installed in the store after closing, 3 cameras were exposed while two were hidden.

Things were fine for the first two months amazingly no thefts.

On the third month a theft occurred in the area where there was a hidden camera.

To my dis-belief it was a theft by an employee, after reviewing the video I confronted the employee and asked why?

Though he denied stealing anything, I showed him just enough video footage without giving up the location of the hidden camera.

He still denied stealing anything thing, even though it clearly showed him placing the items in his pockets.

I then fired the employee, without calling the police.


Fired Employee- Friends on social media say I was wrong for secretly recording the store and it’s employees.

I tried to explain the cameras were in place for protection of the employees, customers and the store inventory.

Never the-less I received a terrible back-lash for catching a thief.

A thief that once earned $12.50 an hour working 40 hrs a week.


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