Why Activists Receive So Many Praises Across The World

If you think for one moment that these brave individuals would not rather be home with their families, your wrong!

Countless hours, days, months, years have been taken away from those whom stand for justice, and yet there are so many hate filled people out there, that are against it.

What most need to realize, is that these movements grow daily, no one cares until it happens to them, or someone close. Many would love to just be at work, home, vacations.. spending time living their life.

I my self despise having to write about any misconduct, in fact It’s my worst topic, But many of us are forced to have to write about what is current and happening across the world.

I truly wish I had the courage and strength to be an activist, it’s just to time consuming for me.

So I thank all whom struggle for justice peacefully and lawfully… Our grandchildren and future generations depend on you.


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