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Why Good Deeds By Officers Don’t Fair Well With Many

In many good deeds which have been performed lately by Officers, many don’t seem to share the same sentiments, or see it different.


So I’ve decided to ask those around me and in my circle of diffent races, as to why and how they felt.

In most cases many felt that the good deeds made by Officers ‘where to middle class communities’, giving the lower class neighborhoods an unfair advantage.

In another point one made, was that… in the recent good deeds by Officers in each situation they read about where all made to one specific race being white.

So just to be fair I took their opinions into consideration and Googled the information they provided to me:

here’s what I found… (not in any particular order)

From a Deputy buying a lil girl an Ipad, an Officer ensuring the safety of un-armed geese, an Officer helping an elderly couple into a grocery store , to a Deputy who reached out to a 4-year old.

  • 1. The above research showed those whom were reached out by Officers appeared to be white.
  • 2. All the Officers reaching out appeared to be white.

So is there a racial un-balance?

In my opinion:

As a reader it would appear to demonstrate, that whites are catered more so differently than Latino’s, Natives, Blacks, including other races.

To many,  the assumption is presumed, that other races may not live in the communities where Officers have reached out to whites.

So, to me personally:

If good deeds can not be demonstrated for all, then there is an unbalance and a pattern of preference towards ones race.

I can truly understand why so many feel this way.

But is it propaganda? which hurts the images that an Officer displays when doing a good deed?

I have found at least one good deed made by an Officer of different race to  a different race, are they just not published as much?

I know what many may think, ‘ that is a black Officer helping a white man ‘ but what about a white Officer doing a good deed for another race?

So I Googled just a few ‘ White Officer Helps Black ‘  ‘ White Officer Helps Native ‘  ‘ White Officer Helps Latino

You’ll have to see the results for yourself.


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