Why Some CNN Anchors Are Just Not Respected As Much In Questions?

Opinion –

As a journalist myself it is embarrassing that I even have to write this article, but it is my duty to state my opinion whenever I feel the need.

I have opted out of not showing some few examples of video clips on this article, but I’m sure you will be able to find them on the internet.

The Huffington Post reveals in a blog post titled –

CNN’s Humiliation As Jeffrey Lord Makes A Mockery Out Of Their Election Night Coverage

And that’s just a minor recent blog regarding CNN

It all started with a simple question answered by an off topic deflection, after one guest was able to do it, it spread like a wild fire and the word was out.

” That some anchors on CNN are loosing their strength ”

Some anchors just don’t seem to be respected on CNN and it appears that many guests are taking advantage of it, and the embarrassing part of it all! is that those anchors whom can’t seem to get a straight answer,.. rather but a deflection! continuously have the very same guests back on their show for even more deflections, WHY?.

If I where an advertiser and or a sponsor I would be outraged.

As a regular viewer of not only CNN but other networks such as MSNBC, FOX and other media outlets which are televised.

Can I honestly say that many anchors on other networks such as Maddow, Hannity and or even O´Reilly would stand for their guests in being asked a question then responding off topic with a deflecting answer?

Yet it appears that CNN has become a pond in the ” Who’s really in control ” game.

Caught up in a cesspool of Trump supporters in which many can’t or wont just answer a simple question without invoking deflection, which is a blatant disrespect to journalism, to include the appearance of the anchor begging for a straight answer seems pathetic and yet either the network and or the anchor allows it to continue.

I have watched whereas guests, where harder at pushing for a straight answer than the anchor! where at times the anchor would just stand back, watch and listen “Really?”.

And it didn’t just start during this campaign, it started long ago, it was years ago when I first heard it, I just didn’t want to believe it.

Some will argue and or allege that the deflections caught wind during Harry Houcke, Jeffrey Lourde, Kayleigh Mcenany and or the many befores and in-betweens, but does it matter? what matters is how the deflections of question now center CNN.

I write my opinion on this,.. because CNN has been my favorite channel for as far as I can remember, I admire their entire staff, I consider them my second family in news, but to continuously watch in what is appearing to become a pattern is disappointing to me and to many of those I know whom have felt and said the same.


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