Will Law Enforcement Look Into Shaun King’s Charities?

Goldie Taylor of The Daily Beast

Where Did All the Money Shaun King Raised for Black Lives Go?

Wrote a stunning article:

According to its only Internal Revenue Service filing, the company took in $419,000 in 2013. That same year, the company paid out about $198,000 in grants to some 136 recipients. King’s cash compensation, not including expense reimbursements, was almost as much as the grants: $160,000, or nearly 40 percent of total revenue. Several people who launched campaigns on HopeMob complained that payouts were delayed and that the company failed to respond to repeated inquiries. Losing money, and under an onslaught of criticism from would-be beneficiaries, the digital platform was sold and later shuttered altogether. Using his HopeMob platform, King raised over $11,000 to support a gun control lobbying effort in honor of the Sandy Hook victims. However, King is not a registered lobbyist and I could find little or no evidence that he paid an individual or entity to formally lobby government entities. Taylor writes.

Many are questioning as to whether Law Enforcement will be looking into King’s Charities regarding the funds.

In Shaun King’s latest failed venture of ” Justice Together ” members of the now former company addressed some key issues after they were ousted inquiring about where the funds were actually going.

At the time members of Justice Together said King’s behavior began to raise red flags for members of the organization, prompting them to write an op-ed titled

An Open Letter From Former Directors of Justice Together

Even with all that said and the massive media attention their story has received, many believe that Law Enforcement won’t pursue the allegations revolving around king, assuming a possibility that King would retaliate using his newly news platform in which he writes for on the New York Daily News.

Just as one of King’s latest articles:

KING: This New York cop may be a sexual predator

Back when the Deray McKesson was a board member of justice together even he had fallen short to Shaun King’s adventure tweeting –


You can keep up a lil more on the Twitter hash Tag #JT30


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