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Will Trump Supporter Sheriff David Clarke Jr Break His Silence?

Opinion –

First off I must say that, it is a dishonor and a dis-service to law enforcement anytime a man uses a uniform and or a badge to promote personal gain, especially when that uniform not only represents the citizens sworn to protect, but also when the uniform and badge is bought and paid for by the tax payers.

Does Sheriff Clarke’s views represent the citizens he is sworn to protect and serve?

Questions are beginning to surface as to whether or not Clarke is being paid to appear on media outlets while in uniform and if the county in which he represents should share the proceeds if any.

Credit: Twitter Screenshot
According to Clarke’s twitter account, Clarke is seen in uniform on his twitter profile.

To include many of Clarke’s re-tweets for an apparent podcast.

Clarke’s twitter page also has a link to his website which asks for donations.

So are his actions while wearing a uniform viewed as political gain, personal gain and or…?

Is Clarke receiving monies while using the uniform?

And if so should those monies be shared with tax payers?

So I ask with all the free time that Clarke seems to have whether it be on social media or broadcast media will Sheriff David Clarke find time to break his silence?

In Milwaukee (2014) where County Sheriff David Clarke and four of his deputies are accused of a cover up and are named as co-defendants in a federal civil rights lawsuit — and it all started with a FOX6 investigation that garnered national attention.
According to FOX6 –

Tanya Weyker (A woman) suffered more than a broken neck. She suffered the indignity of a false arrest for driving while intoxicated.

And when Clarke is confronted… this is his reaction..

She only wanted an apology..


All these questions should be asked when Clarke is confronted, or at the very least a thorough examination of his records.

Stay tuned as we will continue to look into this story and update more..


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